The advantages of easy fabrication, transparency, and weight allow acrylic sheets to become one of the most popular options for various promotions and advertising needs.

Acrylic has low melting point and exceptional heat bending performance, making it malleable. It can be fabricated and customized using advanced laser cutting technology to produce smooth, polished, and quality laser-cut shapes, designs, and letters for various displays and marketing-related purposes. Another interesting feature is its thermoplastic properties. Acrylic can be drilled, machined, and sawed and can take on any shape of your choice.

More so, acrylic exhibits a glass-like quality, such as optical transparency. It also weighs 50 percent less than glass with up to 10 times the impact resistance. Incredibly durable, acrylic is a suitable solution for quality custom-built signage, displays, and promotional materials. Custom-made acrylic can be easily installed on walls or hung from the ceiling of any establishments. Acrylic is lighter than glass displays and more durable than other plastic materials, paper signs, or cardboards that are easily damaged from every day wear and tear.